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The BAE diaper caddy was conceptualised through the first-hand experience of a mum who found herself with many items and no essential item for her child.
Each item has been specifically curated to meet the very practical need of every child.

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Shopping for baby items has you buying a myriad of items that you never actually get to use, or are relegated to special occasions.
Let’s keep it real, there are plenty of nice to have items, but at the end of it all, what every mum needs is products that will meet their essential needs and that of their child, delivered in a practical way, that also serves to organise the messy world created by their baby’s very being. Diaper changes are messy and can be very stressful.
Make Diaper changing enjoyable or at least a non-event for both you and your baby by having a portable changing station at your fingertips.
The BAE Diaper caddy and its contents ensure that all items that are necessary for a successful diaper change are available on-demand, anywhere, anyplace.